Who we are

Condo Relief Consulting is a professional fill-in service for condo management companies and self-managed sites experiencing a vacancy or temporary shortage of resources. We fill the gaps and facilitate communication to keep moving forward. Additionally, we provide a range of condo consulting to the property management community; condo corporations, developers, management companies, industry associations, realtors and condominium owners.

Who needs our services

Self-managed condo boards and property management companies


challenges in short-term property management

  1. Responding to owners and residents in a timely manner
  2. Keeping communication organized
  3. Being reactive to service calls and repairs
  4. Scheduling maintenance and upkeep
  5. Keeping the daily operation going when property manager is away (vacation and medical leave)

01. Trusted

Condo Relief Consulting has the industry experience needed to expeditiously and discreetly handle any issue. Our professional standard of conduct sets the stage for respectful and prompt service.

02. Analytical

When situations arise that require out-of-the-box thinking, we are able to offer solutions that consider all parties.

03. Disciplined

Condo Relief Consulting has the necessary skills to prioritize work at different properties, meeting all of our obligations in a dynamic and regimented manner.

04. Experience

Our many years of experience working in property management has helped us cultivate a robust set of processes to help condo associations with informed decision making.

Paula Martin, Condo Relief Consulting

What we can do

  • Provide all facets of condominium management
  • Manage the physical requirements of running and maintaining buildings, including low/high rise apartments, townhomes and business units
  • Review and revise policies and procedures as required based on legislation, internal requirements, practical experience, society and fairness
  • Fill-in for property manager on vacation/medical leave
  • Additional support for growing property management companies
  • Additional short-term support for condo boards experiencing high volume activities


Years of experience

Our many years of experience working in property management has helped us cultivate a  robust set of processes and experiences for informed decision making.


Our clients have nice things to say about us.


Paula Martin has been instrumental in helping our board members transition from full management to partial management of our six-unit town home complex. Paula provided answers to all our questions and assisted us through the complex maze of Alberta Condo rules and regulations as well as providing several new manager options after researching their company and services provided. Paula has done a very thorough job for us and we are grateful to have her continued support with meetings and procedures.

Board Members Kings Court SW Calgary, Alberta.


Paula is professional and experienced in condo management. She chaired our AGM. She came prepared. We met a couple of times before the meeting, so she knew our bylaws and she understood how our building is managed. Paula's ability to stay calm and respectfully manage challenging situations with expertise, is a powerful quality. I would happily recommend Paula to any condo corporation, that would like some advice or some help with any management detail.

President, Board of Directors Riverbend Terrace Condominiums


I can't thank Paula enough for the peace of mind she gave me while I was on vacation a few months ago. Paula was professional, well-organized and easily picked up the pieces I left for her to take care of. I also had a lot of positive feedback from my clients. We sometimes don't appreciate how positively it reflects on us when we leave our work in capable hands, but it's so critical, particularly in condominium management. I plan to contact Paula every time I need a vacation, knowing that all will be well while I'm relaxing on a beach somewhere!
Suzanne LeValley, President Longley Condominium Management Ltd.