Who we are

Condo Relief Consulting is a professional consulting service for those within the Alberta condominium community who need input and assistance running and maintaining their condo sites.

We provide a wide range of consulting services working within Alberta’s provincial legislation, facilitating communication, keeping projects on task, ensuring self-managed sites meet their obligations to their condo corporation and to all the owners.

We work with condo corporations, boards of directors, developers, industry associations, contractors, realtors and individual unit owners.

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Who needs our services

Self-managed and financially-managed condo sites; and other industry service providers in Alberta will benefit from the services of Condo Relief Consulting.



  1. Facilitating the difference between Governance and Management.
  2. New legislation – changes to The Condominium Property Act, and Regulation.
  3. A board’s due diligence and fiduciary duty.
  4. A site’s official document inventory.
  5. Your AGM – having a neutral third-party chair it to avoid conflict during the proceedings.
  6. Special Resolution – knowing when it is required and how to calculate and manage it.


01. Trusted

Condo Relief Consulting has the industry experience to efficiently and confidently handle a full range of issues.  Our professional standard of conduct sets the stage for confidential, respectful and prompt service.

02. Analytical

When situations arise that require out-of-the-box thinking, we are able to offer recommendations that consider all parties.

03. Disciplined

Condo Relief Consulting has the necessary skills to prioritize work, meeting all of your needs in a dynamic and regimented manner.

04. Experience

With many years of experience in condo consulting and property management, we have cultivated a robust set of processes to help condo corporations benefit from informed decision-making.

Paula Martin, Condo Relief Consulting

What we do

  • Ensure condo boards and self-managed sites know their varied obligations, requirements and expectations.
  • Support condo boards experiencing high volume and unique activities.
  • Inform on industry events such as conferences, webinars and educational options.
  • Facilitate changes to legislation.
  • Assist in many other facets of the condo industry.


Working in property management since 1998 has helped us cultivate a robust set of processes and experiences for informed decision making.


Our clients have nice things to say about us.


Paula and her Condo Relief Consulting service has helped our complex twice now in the last 6 years or so. When we needed this service recently Paula was the person we turned to once again. The name of her business says it all….Consulting and Relief. Paula is very easy to talk to, easy to reach and provides an indispensable service during difficult times. I highly recommend Paula to navigate and guide what sometimes seems like a maze of info, documents and choices and finally be able to make a sound decision. Thank you Paula! Sonam S, Condo Board Member


Condo Relief Consulting was a lifesaver! Paula tirelessly researched and compared condo management firms, breaking down the info in a way that made our decision easy. What stood out was her neutral stance — she highlighted the pros and cons without pushing an agenda, letting us choose. Without her, navigating this process would've been daunting. Her dedication and expertise were game-changers. Highly recommend! Jose L, Condo Board Member


I represent a self managed 37 unit apt. condo site. We've been working with Paula Martin from Condo Relief Consulting regularly since August 2021. Being self managed works very well for us but can also mean we don't always know what options we may have for certain things, all our duties as a Board, and where to go to find answers. We have found, working with Paula, we have a reliable and knowledgeable resource, who is also very thorough. We have asked many questions about all things condo, and Paula always seems to have the right answer, and if she doesn’t know, she will find it. I encourage anyone looking for a condominium consultant to contact Paula. We are very glad we did and very happy with her work. Eugene B, Condo Administrator


We are a large Condo complex and have used Paula many times to fill in between managers and cover for holidays. She has filled a need for us and many other condo corporations. I found her easy to work with and always willing to help out, even in a last minute situation. She is knowledgeable and very professional. I highly recommend her. Paul H, Condo Board Member


Paula was a pleasure to work with at our condominium board AGM meeting. Very professional and knowledgeable. Will certainly use her services in the future. Doug P, Condo Board Member

Compliance Made Simple

Paula was amazing to work with! I'm on the condo board for a self-managed complex and we really needed Paula's expertise to help us get organized, fill some gaps, and make sure that we were legally and professionally sorted. Paula did all that and more and we could not have been in better hands. Erica B, Condo Board Member