Paula Martin, Condo Relief Consulting

Meet Paula Martin!

Since 1998 Paula has worked in property management, including 18+ years in condo management.  She knows what condo boards need to help them succeed.

Paula’s personal and extensive professional experience presents her as a skilled, proficient and diligent ambassador for your organization while building relationships to last many years within the industry.

In addition, Paula is keenly aware that demonstrating integrity and nurturing trust relationships are key to attaining long-term solutions and success with her clients and colleagues. When asked, Paula will tell you simply that common sense and a subtle dose of humour will get her through most challenges or obstacles placed in front of her.

Personally and professionally, Paula utilizes a ‘pay it forward’ approach; this satisfies her sense of social justice and in turn acknowledges and honours her many mentors and supporters. On the home front when possible she uses Calgary’s usually tough winters as an excuse to visit friends even briefly in better climes. She highly values her personal time and often enjoys nothing better than a weekend of nasty weather to tackle her latest book club title.