Not all condo sites are the same, but the day-to-day responsibilities that keep owners and residents happy are basically the same. Condo Relief Consulting works with clients in Alberta to ensure they know their obligations and duties, and to create a seamless experience so they can confidently approach us with questions and concerns.

We step in to support your condo board

There are times when condo boards and condo management companies need extra assistance — that’s where we come in.

01. on-site consulting

Condo Relief Consulting is experienced in the various facets of condominiums for low/high rise apartments, townhomes/duplexes and business/commercial units.

02. condo Consulting

We provide a wide range of condo consulting to the condominium community: condo corporations, boards of directors, developers, management companies, industry associations, realtors and condominium owners.

03. condo Governance

By defining the principles of governance vs management we can help your condo board identify and apply those principles as required in real time, based on legislation, internal requirements, practical experience, society and fairness.

04. condo support

We step in to support your condominium as needed:  

  • Work at self-managed sites in the absence of their employee manager or their designated board member.
  • Assist at a condo management company as required, and as permitted by legislation.

05. Relationships

Condo Relief Consulting works closely with boards and team members. This includes seeking out and building relationships with clients, service providers and industry partners. 

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